What this FLS Looks Like….an overview, with a twist

Image creator : Deb Tully

The umbrella – forever a symbol of protection, keeping one safe from the elements while its user moves from Place A to Place B. I see my Future Learning Space as being made up of the components of the TWB initiative, Child Friendly Spaces, the fundamentals of the 2 Learning spaces – The Personal and The Collaborative Space – from  Unit EDFD459  this semester, and the use of Arts Therapy, and the Key Learning Areas of the Iraq Department of Education Curriculum as the overarcing protective cover over the refugee children of the Akre Refugee Camp in Duhok, Iraq. By keeping them “under” this cover – endeavouring to protect them from the elements around them – this FLS will seek to re-ignite their love of learning, their curiosity, and their innate need for creative expression.