Akre Camp Profile

Akre Camp, Iraq – known as the Akre “Castle” is an old, double storied prison, built during Saddam Hussein’s “governance” to incarcerate Kurdish prisoners.  It has since been re-purposed into a refugee facility, housing a UNHCR office, a Police & Security office, a Government office, NGO office, Library, Markets, and Family Units/Rooms that include a kitchen, toilet and shower – occupied by approximately 286 families.

Based on figures released  as of May, 2016 from  Akre Camp Profile Data UNHCR 2016 there are 1143 registered Syrian Refugees. Approximately 700 are children. Of these, about 500 of these are school-age (5-17 yrs), and approximately 200 are between 0-4 years.  76% of school-age children in the camp are enrolled in the camp school, and 17 students make the trip into the town of Akre to attend school there.

Currently, the support structure for the education of these refugee children is the Iraqi Ministry of  Education- Iraqi Curriculum Framework (UNESCO,2012), Peace Winds Japan and UNICEF.

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There is a Child Friendly Space operating in the camp.

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