The Personal and The Collaborative Learning Spaces- laying the ground work for the FLS.

“It is the process of accompanying learners, caring for and about them, bringing learning to life.”

(Smith, 2012)

Image Credit: The Guardian, UK.

The Personal Learning Space

It is within this learning space, that building self-efficacy in learners means acknowledging and owning emotional beliefs, and psychological responses – mood, anxieties, emotions.

Building and developing self-efficacy in learners will lead to:

  • greater engagement in learners
  • a positive attitude towards learning, and learning experiences
  • deeper understanding of information
  • seeking support of others in the quest for further learning

(Bandura, 1977)

This space incorporates not only self-efficacy, but self-direction in learning, and self-reflection. Its a space that allows the learner to explore their self-identity, re-ignite their love of learning, and have ownership of their learning journey.

The Collaborative Learning Space

(Slavin, 2010)

The Collaborative/Group Learning Space is one where 2 key elements are present –

  • group goals
  • individual accountability

These 2 Learning Spaces will be woven in to the Future Learning Space I am creating, hopefully assisting the children in Refugee camps to pursue learning, in whatever capacity it presents itself, and to continue on the path of becoming life-long learners.