The end…or just the beginning?

Today I completed  my FLS task for Unit EDFD459. Although, it’s hardly a finality. This task had me engaged in hours and hours of research – readings, viewing videos, seeing images, following news updates- of the Refugee Crisis our world is witnessing. I can never unsee those images now, or forget the things I have read. So, no, it is not by any means final. I think I will always take an active interest in the plight of the refugees of this world now, as their stories have touched me and affected me deeply.

My PLN started as an eyebrow-raise (or 2)…and many moments of staring blankly at the PC screen, but has grown and developed, and taken me on a  learning journey I’ve not experienced before.

I hope to keep it going – I will endeavour to (pinky-swear) as a new path now opens up before me, now that I am almost Course Complete my 4th Year upgrade in Education.

Thank you to anyone who has clicked on it (accidently or otherwise), and even read some of it! In our busy, busy lives, your time spent doing that is greatly appreciated.

Enjoy your day!



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