Prototypes for my FLS

My idea for utilising the fundamentals of The Personal Learning Space is to provide each child in the Akre camp with their own personal “Art Box” called, and here’s the genius of it all……”My Art Box”. I know. You never saw that coming.

The “Art Box” is not actually a box at all, but a zippable double sided storage case – like a pencil case, that can house all sorts of art materials, paper, pencils, crayons, little paint tubes, brushes…etc. for the individual to have at their disposal anytime – in their Family Unit, at the camp school or at the Child Friendly Spaces, even just sitting out in the main compound area of the Camp. Because the camp school, Child Friendly Space, and in many cases the families themselves could quite realistically have access to smart phone or tablet devices, or even PC’s or Laptops in the camp school (Many NGO and charity groups fundraise specifically to provide technology products and services to the Refugee Camps. If you look closely at photos of Akre Camp, there are quite a number of small satellite dishes erected outside Family Unit rooms.) – because of this access to technology, I would also include some pre-printed cards listing 25 of the Best Apps to Promote Creativity In Students, and Top Web tools for student creativity in education.  This provides children with small “library” of accessible information, activities and digital learning experiences that they can access when not in formalised lessons. This helps develop autonomy of their learning experiences – what they access, when and where – puts the love of learning, finding out stuff! – back in their hands.  Selecting software and apps that address creativity supports my vision for the refugee children to have opportunities to creatively express themselves, whilst incorporating their key learning areas, especially literacy and numeracy.

Below you can see my prototypes for these “Art Boxes”. The yellow label on each one says My Art Box, but I have translated and printed it in Arabic, to demonstrate how it would look for the children in Akre Camp, Iraq.

And an example of the List of recommended software/apps (where the title has also been translated into Arabic, as would the individual app icons+details about each one).