Personal Learning Spaces

Please peruse through my images of my personal learning spaces….Yes, I’ve included my car. I spend countless hours in my car taxi-ing my 3 children to various extra-curricular music or sports-based activities each afternoon after school, and often evenings.  Thanks to Bluetooth and my smartphone, I use the time to listen to audio books of texts on my required reading lists, and when parked and waiting…….I can log into my course weekly tasks on my iPad. My car – my office. (my dining room all too often as well.)



My Roadmap to Personal Achievement

Drawing upon Week 3’s readings in #edfd459, I developed a 5 step taxonomy for Self-direction in learning; Self-efficacy and Self-reflection in learning –  my “Roadmaps to Personal Achievement.”


self-directed learning 001

Self-direction in learning
self-efficacy 001
reflection 001

Backstory for my PLN Title

Its been a good while since I taught full-time in the classroom.  I’ve still spent lots of time working in primary and Prep classrooms – just not as the classroom teacher. I had been tossing up whether or not to “go back” since my 3 kids were now in Upper Primary and Secondary.

Some time last year, whilst working part-time in a Prep Unit in the capacity of Learning Support Assistant- a role I loved, the teacher asked me to take a small group and do an activity with them using the Interactive Smartboard. But the Smartboard didn’t want to play. After clicking a few keys on the laptop,  flicking a few buttons and switches, and wriggling cords…still no action from the Smartboard. One of the 5 year old boys in the group, who was just short of turning 6 (establishing credibility here), looked solemnly at me – and at quite close range as 5 yr olds tend to do – and said “You know Mrs. T…. I think its time you recalibrated your smartboard.”

We blinked silently at each other for a few moments. Him, waiting for me to fix the darn smartboard  I’m guessing, and me…..well, I was plunged into an existential crisis that rocked me to my very core.

He was right.

I DID need to recalibrate my smartboard.

And so, by the end of that month, I had applied to and received acceptance into Uni to upgrade my teaching degree to qualify for full registration once again. And now, here I am generating my first PLN – which I have titled in honour of the 5 (almost 6) yr old boy who helped me make the jump into recalibrating my smartboard.