The Liminal Space

The Liminal Space…..a doorway…….being “in-between”……the “space” a person is suspended in during a right of passage.  It’s where one finds oneself when leaving behind what is known, and before embarking on what is to be.  A place of waiting, before a transformational shift in one’s journey.  A place where learning can happen, is happening, if we are open to it.

Thinking about Liminal Space for me personally, conjures up The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. The Wardrobe is the penultimate Liminal Space- a doorway, and place of “in-betweenness”, that signals pending change or transformation.

This year for me has been my “Wardrobe”…returning to full-time uni, whilst simultaneously parenting 3 children, and helping my husband with our business…leaving behind the  life I had known, and not yet embarking on the life I will experience as a returning teacher.  Its a period of waiting – albeit juggling many things whilst “waiting”- before I step out the other side and into what is to be. Change is in the wind, Mary Poppins…..

In fact, there have been many many moments I have found myself in liminality.  Leaving school, but not yet joining the workforce. Travelling around the world. Waiting the birth of my first child. The death of a parent. The death of a sibling. The first born becoming a teenager. Many things I had not had happen before, or experienced, that took me from where I had been, suspended me in state of waiting, before I exited into where I would be from then on. Chronic liminality almost!

What does Liminal Space conjure up for you?

What are your  liminal spaces?

(Featured image retrieved from tumblr.com)


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