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Mission & Vision Statement

My Mission Statement for my Future Learning Space is a task, that initially, when reading through what was required, I thought how on earth am I going to come up with something half intelligible…..but then I started researching. And reading. And viewing. And seeing. And at the risk of sounding cliched, and scripted – I started feeling heartbroken at what these refugee children are enduring. The terror. The confusion. The loss. The grief. The feeling that the world has turned its collective backs on them. And so writing my Mission Statement suddenly became a no-brainer. What drives me in this task, is simply, to help. The Refugee Crisis of our world in 2016 is staggering beyond belief in terms of statistics.


More than half of the world’s refugees are children. This crisis is heartbreaking in terms of its impact on human lives.  Do you know that the estimated average length of time for refugees to be displaced from their homes, from their countries is now 17 years? 17 YEARS. That’s a childhood.

The fact that education of millions of refugee children is an unfortunate casuality in this most despairing of situations, is reason enough for those of us who are educators, to be proactive in whatever way possible in giving these children safe access, inclusive access, to education and to learning.

My Mission Statement  is to craft and create a Future learning space which serves to address the needs of refugee children, incorporating the Teachers Without Borders initiative, Child-Friendly Spaces.  TWB’s mantra is connecting teachers to information and to each other in order to bring about social change.  In the spirit of this mantra, I hope to enact change, awareness, even a change in perspective if necessary – for those of us looking upon this crisis, by researching, exploring and investigating platforms for this change.

My Vision Statement, as I previously shared on an earlier post, draws on my understanding and knowledge of the 6 Learning Spaces- and is to create a learning space that addresses the needs of refugee children to have an outlet for their creative expression, an outlet for expressing that which words simply cannot.  By drawing on the fundamentals of the Personal learning space, and Collaborative Space  to operate within the parameters of a Child-Friendly Space (TWB initiative) students  have the opportunity to participate in  Art Therapy activities that incorporate and engage in key learning areas.  I hope to help students re-ignite their learning journeys, their curiosity and passion for learning, and safely explore and express their inner-most thoughts and feelings, and hopefully set on a path to healing and resilience. Focus for this Future Learning Space is with the Akre Camp (known as the Akre Castle) in Duhok, Iraq.


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