Variation in Routine


Field Trips.

Alternative Learning Days.

Whatever you like to call them, these days provide an opportunity for a variation in routine – usually a day spent out of the classroom, often, out of the school.

Incursions are activities that involve approved visitors to the school or class who provide a performance, lesson or service to students – on the school premises.

Excursions are well-planned (always!!) and curriculum-related activities usually undertaken outside the school, which enhance and enrich students learning experiences.

For those of us who have many incursions and excursions under our belt, we are fully aware of the amount of time, sweat and tears that go into preparing for a variation in routine, and also know this preparation and planning starts many, many weeks/months before the actual event. I’m sure we could all qualify for employment with Event Planning companies and Logistics Departments with the committment to detail we demonstrate with  Risk Assessment, travel itineraries, medical histories, meal and menu planning, seating arrangements, costing and quotes.

For the pre-service teacher, being forewarned and fully prepared for every contingency, can make the difference between  a successful incursion/excursion or a sacred vow to never go on one again.  Please feel free to access the Teacher Checklist for Incursion/Excursion I have prepared, and add to it as you see fit.

You can access it here, and download or print it out : Teacher Checklist


I have experienced many different incursions and excursions – SeaWorld at the Gold Coast, various Zoos and Wildlife parks, Movies, live theatre, museums, exhibits, galleries, science centres, expos, other schools, historic locations, airports, fire departments, police stations, ambulance centres, shopping centres, parks and gardens to name a few.  Where have you taken students for alternate learning days? What is one thing you would recommend pre-service teachers keep in mind when planning/executing such experiences for their students?


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