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The 6 Learning Spaces – my Weebly website

After much blood, sweat and tears – and plenty of borderline neglect to my own family, I have published my 6 Learning Spaces P.D. Artefact (Assessment piece) with thanks to the magic of Weebly.

You can access this Artefact by clicking here :

I have never used Weebly before, or for that matter, created my own website before, so for me this is all big-ticket stuff!  I’m sure there are many so very proficient and adept at working their magic with I.T. – and I am in awe of you, for it is certainly not something that comes easily to this Digital Immigrant.

If you would like to add any further resources, links or your own ideas after reading the Artefact, please feel free to do so below.



Learning journey

At this point of the semester, I’ve been asked to reflect on my journey so far in unit EDFD459…and have succumbed to the need to put Sharpies to paper (seriously – everything is not always digital!) and created my “Roadmap” (so far).  I have learned plenty already, and often my brain feels full (thankyou, Gary Larson) and I know there is still SO much to learn in this unit before I am done. The support and strength of EDFD459’s eCoP is amazing, and often motivates me when I truly feel I have nothing left to give. It has reaffirmed for me the power of connecting with others, and with collaboration and creating.



The Liminal Space

The Liminal Space…..a doorway…….being “in-between”……the “space” a person is suspended in during a right of passage.  It’s where one finds oneself when leaving behind what is known, and before embarking on what is to be.  A place of waiting, before a transformational shift in one’s journey.  A place where learning can happen, is happening, if we are open to it.

Thinking about Liminal Space for me personally, conjures up The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. The Wardrobe is the penultimate Liminal Space- a doorway, and place of “in-betweenness”, that signals pending change or transformation.

This year for me has been my “Wardrobe”…returning to full-time uni, whilst simultaneously parenting 3 children, and helping my husband with our business…leaving behind the  life I had known, and not yet embarking on the life I will experience as a returning teacher.  Its a period of waiting – albeit juggling many things whilst “waiting”- before I step out the other side and into what is to be. Change is in the wind, Mary Poppins…..

In fact, there have been many many moments I have found myself in liminality.  Leaving school, but not yet joining the workforce. Travelling around the world. Waiting the birth of my first child. The death of a parent. The death of a sibling. The first born becoming a teenager. Many things I had not had happen before, or experienced, that took me from where I had been, suspended me in state of waiting, before I exited into where I would be from then on. Chronic liminality almost!

What does Liminal Space conjure up for you?

What are your  liminal spaces?

(Featured image retrieved from


Curation in education

Curation – The Musical. Yes, it exists.

Curation is undoubtedly THE buzz word in education circles these days, but the concept is not new.  Teacher-librarians have been “curating” content for eons, as have most classroom teachers – but in the 21st Century, curating has gone digital.

There are a myriad of curation tools and websites, blogs, videos and device-friendly applications to assist the curator in us all.  Curating is not just making a list, or collecting random gems of information. It is purposeful, crafted and must make meaning for the user/curator.

Here is a list of 5 valuable Curation Tools you might like to check out:

Bag the Web



TES Teach with Blendspace

Do you use curation tools?  What are your favourites?



Variation in Routine


Field Trips.

Alternative Learning Days.

Whatever you like to call them, these days provide an opportunity for a variation in routine – usually a day spent out of the classroom, often, out of the school.

Incursions are activities that involve approved visitors to the school or class who provide a performance, lesson or service to students – on the school premises.

Excursions are well-planned (always!!) and curriculum-related activities usually undertaken outside the school, which enhance and enrich students learning experiences.

For those of us who have many incursions and excursions under our belt, we are fully aware of the amount of time, sweat and tears that go into preparing for a variation in routine, and also know this preparation and planning starts many, many weeks/months before the actual event. I’m sure we could all qualify for employment with Event Planning companies and Logistics Departments with the committment to detail we demonstrate with  Risk Assessment, travel itineraries, medical histories, meal and menu planning, seating arrangements, costing and quotes.

For the pre-service teacher, being forewarned and fully prepared for every contingency, can make the difference between  a successful incursion/excursion or a sacred vow to never go on one again.  Please feel free to access the Teacher Checklist for Incursion/Excursion I have prepared, and add to it as you see fit.

You can access it here, and download or print it out : Teacher Checklist


I have experienced many different incursions and excursions – SeaWorld at the Gold Coast, various Zoos and Wildlife parks, Movies, live theatre, museums, exhibits, galleries, science centres, expos, other schools, historic locations, airports, fire departments, police stations, ambulance centres, shopping centres, parks and gardens to name a few.  Where have you taken students for alternate learning days? What is one thing you would recommend pre-service teachers keep in mind when planning/executing such experiences for their students?


I snapped.

One of our unit tasks for this week is to showcase the images we have taken so far during the course of our unit, The Learning Space.

So, using the PhotoGrid app. on my smartphone, I have put together a collage of my images to date – broadly encompassing the many learning spaces we have been addressing, and the theoretical underpinnings that each space is built upon.

A visual collation of my learning if you like. digital_slr_camera_712ra_gray